30 thoughts on “Leaked nudes of sexy Aly Michalka”

  1. I would suck those titties dry till all she had were puffs of milky smoke coming out of them and then shovel my dick in her until I’ve released 6 gallons of cum inside and all over her, encasing her like some cream egg. I’d be all over her for days and days on end.

  2. Rubel. What an odd thing to write about someone you find beautiful. The funny thing is you would die a lonely man if anyone knew you wrote that. And odds are, you are already a lonely man. FYI, she’s not pregnant (so there’s no milk there). Also, FYI, most people don’t fantasize about milk coming from the tits of those we are sexually engaged with. Also, FYI, there’s no such thing as milk smoke. Also, do you have any idea how long it would take to produce six gallons of cum? Though I’m certain that you have sex so little that sometimes it seems like six gallons, I also assure you that it isn’t.

    1. OMG — You don’t fantasize about milky breasts? I have been ruined… lactation is the porn of Gods!

    2. They are implants she was a part of the IBTC for a long time then she got them bigger… so not preggers she has never given birth or been knocked up

    3. The fact that you had to reply and argue with the purposely exaggerated things he or she said shows that you haven’t had any pussy since it had you.

    1. That roast was garbage. 30 hypemen couldn’t make that sound good. I’m wondering how a white knight ended up in the comment section of a celebrities nudes on a site called the fappening tho. How tf does that even happen?

  3. WOW this is amazing! I’ve been into Aly for years and I loved her bikini photoshoot she did a few years ago she looked smoking hot so this is a wet dream come true for me! She has made my cock very happy it’s standing to attention! I would love to plow her all night every night!!

  4. She looks like a slob. Her bath pic you clearly her window is all dirty and the last picture, who openly sprays RAID in their house? She looked hot on IZOMBIE, but her titties are hangers. Cute ass though.

  5. I once was walking to my apartment in Hollywood next to supper club, and Aly and another blonde girl were walking right in front of me. Aly had on a blue or green dress and her booty was pronounced. It was dark, so I decided to sneakily grab her booty with my right hand as I casually crossed the street. She reacted in a very cool way. And I wanted to talk to her or get a selfie but my damn phone battery was dead. I also saw Carmen Elektra right net to me on sidewalk, that night. And Lindsay lohan’s Vehicle parked next to where I was standing but she was too fast and swarmed by bodyguards. I DM ALY on Twitter that I grabbed her booty and She FOLLOWED MY TWITTER! This happened in 2011. I am trying to remember how Her Butt cheek felt in my right hand. I WANT HER TO BREAST FEED ME!

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